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Think this is just your run-of-the-mill pedalling expedition? Tosh and piffle! Prepare to mount our trusty steeds - top-drawer, British-made Pashley bicycles - and wind your way through the veins of our great capital, all with the added flair of optional wicker baskets, helmets, or even a dashing tweed cap to set the mood.

Guided by our ‘Hipster Historian’ raconteurs - masters of mirth, mavens of memory - we’ll embark on an utterly spiffing exploration of iconic landmarks from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace. Like bees to the honeypot, you’ll be irresistibly drawn into the verdant bosom of our Royal Parks and discover hidden gems that would make even the most hardened Londoner’s monocle pop!

And the tales! By Jove, the tales! Prepare for an onslaught of riveting anecdotes and tickling trivia as our guides breathe life into centuries of history with a flair that’d make Shakespeare tip his quill in salute.

The Tally Ho Team

Meet our Team of Rascals and Reprobates

The minds behind our witty and wonderful tours!

  • Jack Harris

    Jack Harris

    Chief Tweedy Beard

  • James Harvey

    James Harvey

    Director of Delight

  • Katie Holt

    Katie Holt

    Captain of Cadence

  • Niall Dalton-Banks

    Niall Dalton-Banks

    Sheriff of Shillings

  • Pearl


    Commander of Correspondence

  • Shibby


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Whiskey Mick

    Whiskey Mick

    Bike Tour Guide

  • Brian


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Tom


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Xenia


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Seb


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Tommy


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Stewart


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Olivia


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Edward


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Jasper


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Jason


    Bike Tour Guide

  • Charlie


    Bike Tour Guide

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Since our founding in 2011, we’ve been the go-to company for London bike tours guided by locals. We’ve guided thousands of happy visitors around the city, and our expert knowledge has been featured in loads of travel shows, newspapers, airlines, and guide books. In other words, we know our stuff! Come join us and see the city like never before - we guarantee it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. Cheerio!

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