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Embark on the Secret London Pub Tour and discover the London’s quirkiest and most enchanting historic pubs, each brimming with old-world charm and character. Indulge in local beers and immerse yourself in captivating stories told in snug corners while sipping on pints of local craft beer. This tour comes FULLY INCLUSIVE of beer at each pub, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and savour the atmosphere.

Beer, Pubs + Secret Gems

Refreshing Rascals and Reprobates since AD 50

On the Secret London Pub Tour you’ll track down some of the quirkiest historic pubs in London and enjoy fascinating tales shared in cosy corners over pints of local craft beer.

We’ll start with a beer tasting session (included), so even if you are new to British “real ale” and craft beer, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

You’ll take a leisurely stroll along ancient cobbled streets and narrow passages, stopping to hear tales of London’s bizarre past that will leave your head spinning.

Encounter the Knights Templar, Freemasons, judges, actors, activists, and a cat wearing an Elizabethan ruff. We’ll follow a trail from pub to pub and enjoy a pint at each. 🍻

Tour Highlights

What You’ll Do

Tutored beer tasting

You’ll start the experience with a tasting tray of British ‘real ales’. Your guide will tutor you through the various styles on offer.

Learn about secondary fermentation, pub culture, and what makes real ale unique. Taste different beers and find your favourite!

Many beers are brewed seasonally, so there’s always something new to try. You’ll be a beer expert by the end!

Hidden History

Embark on a picturesque journey through London’s hidden treasures. Wander cobblestone streets, past ancient pubs visited by Dickens and Johnson.

Uncover secluded courtyards for Instagram-worthy moments. This exclusive walk is a treasure trove of photogenic, historic spots, ready to enhance your feed and tastebuds.

Step Back in Time

We’ll explore some of the oldest parts of London that have barely changed in hundreds of years.

Discover where the Knights Templar established their base of power, and see Temple Church still standing today.

Secret gems around every corner

Take in the impressive Undercroft as you meander your way through the impressive Inns of Court.

You’ll see where lawyers have trained since the 14th century, and learn about the obscure traditions still practiced today.

Covent Garden Market

There are over 3500 pubs in London!

Visit London’s most interesting pubs aka ‘boozers’, renowned for their cosy atmosphere, quirky history and eccentric patrons.

Great photographs guaranteed

Oh, and you may even see a cat wearing an Elizabethan ruff!

“A Wonderful Way to Experience London’s Charming Pubs.”

Lewis Clement


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How much beer will I get?

We include an ale tasting tray at the start consisting of 3x 1/3 pints, then a pint in each of the following 3 pubs. Alternatively, some groups choose to visit more pubs and enjoy a half pint in each.

What time does the walk start?

2:30pm on Thursdays or upon request

Can I book a private experience?

Absolutely! Custom dates & start times are available when booked as a private tour

Whats the minimum age to participate?

Participants must be 18+

Can I buy food on the tour?

Bar snacks can be purchased, but there isnt time for a full meal unless by prior arrangement

What is the distance of the walk?

3.2km / 2 miles at a leisurely pace

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