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Tally Ho Turns Terrific Thirteen!

Tally Ho Turns Terrific Thirteen!

Another Milestone for London’s Most Charming Cycle Tours

As the founder of Tally Ho, I’m thrilled to share a toast with you – our beloved cycle tour company is officially a teenager! 🎉🎂🚲 It’s been thirteen years since we first set off on our Pashley vintage bicycles, weaving through the iconic streets and quiet corners of London, uncovering stories and making memories.

From the grandeur of the Houses of Parliament to the hidden pubs where history was made, we’ve pedalled every inch with enthusiasm. And it’s all thanks to our incredible team – the dedicated guides, mechanics, and support staff – and, of course, our intrepid explorers like you who’ve come from near and far to share in the journey.

As we mark this milestone, I’m filled with gratitude for every push of the pedal that’s brought us here. Every tour has been a story, every guest a new character in the grand adventure that is Tally Ho.

As we gear up for another year, we promise a new era of quintessentially British experiences. Fasten your bonnet, my fellow adventurer! Expect more laughter, more discoveries, and yes, even more of the unexpected delights that only a city like London can offer. Our experiences are set to dazzle and delight, ensuring that the teenage years of Tally Ho will be as unforgettable as the first twelve.

Thank you for being a part of our story!

To new adventures and tales yet untold,



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